Iowa Code Camp is a free, one-day, in-person event for software developers interested in industry-specific topics, such as front-end JavaScript frameworks, IT cloud infrastructure, database architecture, and working with engineering teams.

Iowa Code Camp has been hosting software development conferences since 2008. Attendance at events has grown steadily and now averages 240 attendees at our Des Moines area events.

Core values:

  • By developers for developers
  • Community driven
  • No cost (for attendees)
  • All about the code
  • Never during work hours
  • High quality


Iowa Code Camp is a community-driven event. We are always looking for extra help with setting up and running the event, reaching out to sponsors, and finding speakers. If you're interested in volunteering for Iowa Code Camp, please contact us!

  • Greg Sohl

    President, Finances, Logistics, Volunteers

  • Nick Parker

    Sponsorship, Speakers, Emails & Communication, Networking Events

  • Juan Moya

    Sponsorship, Speakers, Event Planning

  • Mike Cole

    Sponsorship, Speakers

  • Levi Rosol

    Sponsorship, Speakers

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